Tmotor F40pro3 2400KV


Continuing the lineage, the F40 Pro III provides more thrust and increased durability compared to its predecessors. Each motor is supplied with high-quality EZO bearings for maximum performance and lifespan. On top of that, the overall stability of the motor has been enhanced with high-temperature resistance enameled silver-core windings which is able to withstand up to 240C. Lastly, the new bell design not only looks amazing; it also provides the same non-slip propeller grip akin to the PRO II.



Operating KV 2400kV/2600kV
Stator 2306 (with high temp resistance enameled silver-core winding)
Internal Resistance 2400kV – 42mΩ, 2600kV – 36mΩ
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Motor Dimensions (Dia x Len) Ø27.9 x 33mm
Configuration 12N14P
Operating Voltage (LiPo) 3-4S
Peak Current (60 secs) 2400kV – 43A, 2600kV – 49A
Idle Current@10v 2400kV – 1.7A, 2600kV – 2.0A
Max Power (60 secs) 2400kV – 660W, 2600kV – 749W
Cable Length 150mm
Cable Gauge AWG 20
Weight Including Cables 2400kV – 33.0g, 2600kV – 33.5g


Performance at 100% throttle for 1 minute (5150 Triblade):

Voltage 2400kV – 15.03V, 2600kV – 15.41V
Max Thrust 2400kV – 1603.99g, 2600kV – 1726.87g
Max Current 2400kV – 46A, 2600kV – 52.74A
Max Power 2400kV – 691.64W, 2600kV – 812.79W
Power Ratio 2400kV – 2.32g/W, 2600kV – 2.12g/W

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