Xing 2207 2450KV



  • New version unibell XING 2207 2450KV Motor provides the most incredible power and thrust in the lightest weight,sturdy structure and high-quality materials make iFlight XING performs like a beast
  • The iFlight XING series motor is characterized by support 4S. The 4mm Titanium alloy shaft and high-quality N52H magnets surrounded by high-temperature resistant windings
  • These 4 pack 2207 brushless motor used standard M3 16mmx16mm mounting pattern at the bottom,160mm cable length for different frames and setups
  • There is a non-slip design on the contact surface between the motor and the propeller to increase friction and to improve durability; Multiple heat dissipation holes are designed to dissipate heat continuously
  • Each motor has been dynamic balanced, crush resistant damping bearing, eliminate vibration effectively






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